Our very own Cafechica Adela Hurtado designed our logo. By day, Adela focuses on human rights and public interest law but she is also a photographer, an animator and has had a life-long love affair with China, especially classical Chinese literature. As a photographer, Adela has done photography projects in China, New York, and, most recently in the city of Trujillo, Peru, her family’s hometown. “The Colors of Trujillo” began in 2018 as a tribute to the city and focuses on its streets and especially its old, almost forgotten buildings that are still standing. “The Colors of Trujillo” has been exhibited in New York, featured online, and has an upcoming photobook in the works. While it has always been a deep love of hers since childhood, she entered the world of animation with the hopes to contribute to the art form of which she can’t get enough. She has been taking classes at the School of Visual Arts, has become an active member in animation groups, and is now creating her own animated works and art at home. You can see her projects at or follow her on Instagram at